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Welcome to Globe Asia
Your Recruitment Partner


Globe Asia (GA) is a people-oriented, people-development and people-employment agency that seeks to empower :

  1. People for employability and
  2. Organizations for employment


We are focused on identifying human potentials and matching them accurately for employment:

  1. To ensure a rewarding and lasting career experience, that in turn,
  2. Help organizations to excel.


Our goal is to tap into the future, a “mystical space” where we believe 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement are stored. We aspire to be a robust mouthpiece for employers and job seekers in their pursuit to either modify their dreams or magnify their skills.

Our specialization is in recruitment as well as in the growth of the Digital Technology Community (DTC). We help employers in the digital technology adoption fraternity to grow their companies with the right talents of the right skills and experience.


Globe Asia Services Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian incorporated recruitment agency with HQ in Kuala Lumpur and representative offices in Bangkok and Jakarta. With our regional presence and strong portfolio of employment, we work closely with reputable employers to provide the right job choices to job seekers both locally and overseas.

  1. Kuala Lumpur
  2. Bangkok
  3. Jakarta

At GA, we resolve in the understanding that somewhere, someone is out there looking for exactly what job seekers and employers have to offer. Conforming firmly to this premise, we adhere to a set of values that makes us different but effective.

Our Coming Recruitment on Mobile

Continue your job hunt on the go.

As a recruiter in the digital age, it’s important for us to capture the attention of well-suited candidates from the palm of their hand. A constantly-connected world of smart phones necessitates smart recruiting practices. Our digital application process will be simple, easy to navigate and convenient.

What Our Users Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the job the perk your interest, view the details to ensure it is the right job for you. If it is, click apply and it is that easy.

Online applications are much faster to process. It is quicker than applying by mail and the internal processes are also more efficient in electronic form.

We prefer a pdf., but you can also upload a word document.

The website only shows positions which have not yet been filled. So the job portal is always up-to-date.

Above and beyond the professional and personal qualifications and skills highlighted in the job advertisement, GA is looking for employees who are flexible in the way they think and act. You will fit in well with us if your work ethics are aimed towards providing values and commitment to your future employer. You will certainly add more value if you also bring in fresh ideas and constructive changes to the organization.

If you also appreciate team work because you are convinced that the only way to achieve results is by working together in a spirit of mutual trust, then you are the ideal candidate for GA.

Upon receipt of your application, it will be reviewed carefully by the HR department and the managers of the vacant position.

If your skill sets match the appropriate requirements profile, we will invite you for a first personal interview or a first phone interview.

Depending on the type of position within the company, there will usually be a follow-up interview after that.

We do, of course, treat your application in strict confidence.